Ship products, have fun with our hackathon for indie makers

Join fellow digital indie makers for a full day of building and shipping products and have some fun while you’re at it.

How it works

We call it a hackathon loosely. Here are the rules.

How to pick a project to work on

You can bring an existing project or start a new project. Either way, you’ll have to set a public goal for that project. Project must be your own, and not employer or client work.


You can work alone or work in groups of up to 4. If you’re setting out to build and ship a brand new project within one session, we encourage you to find partners via the hashtag #indiehackathon prior to the event.

Hackathon size

We will allow up to 60 participants per hackathon. If fewer than 15 people register, we may cancel the event (and refund all tickets).

Judging and prizes

At the end of the day, all individuals and teams will briefly present their work and the group as a whole will vote on a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner based on a set of criteria. Winners will win cash prizes of $75 (1st), $30 (2nd) and $15 (3rd).

Gathering remotely

We’ll gather on Zoom for kick off, mid-day break and presentations. During the day, we’ll chat via Slack.


The hackathon will be held from 9am EST to 6pm EST. The first 30-45 minutes will consist of introductions and goal setting. Then, we will hack from 9:45am until 1:00pm. We will have a 45-minute lunch and socialization break. Then, we’ll hack again from 1:45 until 5pm. During the last hour, we’ll present our work, judge and announce winners.

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