We’re a private, active community

This is how we maintain our quality and sustain our activities.



Our yearly plan offers a balance between flexibility and commitment.

Access to Discord Chat

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Access to Maker’s Circle

Weekly Meetups

Bi-Monthly Hackathons


Power Hours

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$149 one time

Dive in to our community and maximize the value you get out of it.

Everything in Yearly plus…

1-on-1 Product Advising Session

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“Most maker communities out there are either semi-abandoned or prohibitively expensive to join (or both). Not so with IndieStack: it’s a small but active group of people who are helping each other on the way to their own indie businesses.”

Ivan Mir

Maker of QotoQot


Can I try the community before I commit?

The short answer is no. The long answer is: We value the privacy of our members highly. We also strive to maintain this a self-promotion-free zone. By lowering the barrier to entry we are jeapardizing both. What we have in place is a 7-day risk-free period, where, if after 7 days you find that the community is not a good fit for you, you can ask for a full refund.

How active is the IndieStack community?

IndieStack is very active compared to other similar communities out there. On any given day we have lively discussions in our Discord server, links to just-discovered resources, cheerleading of new launches and engagement groups helping makers boost their posts.

What are the community rules?

We follow a few simple principles: be respectful and kind, give more than you take, what happens in the community stays in the community.

Will the price increase in the future?

The price will undoubtedly increase as the community becomes more active and provides more value and activities. However, whatever price you buy a membership at will remain the price you pay forever.